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Sherwin Williams VS Pittsburgh Paints for Exterior Painting

When choosing the manufacturer for exterior painting, does the brand really matter? The brand name can be one of the factors as they prove the credibility and the quality of the paint but here are other things that should be considered when buying the right paint for your property. GetPro Painting has a lot of experience using these products for exterior painting projects, not only do we recommend the best option, but we also give insights on how the product performed several years for you as we have used both for more than 2 decades now.

Sherwin Williams (SW) is one of the largest coatings manufacturers in the United States and is a very well-known company worldwide.

Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) is also a large global manufacturer of paints, coatings, and specialty materials that originated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

There is a huge debate going on about whether you should choose one over the other, but both companies have been in the industry for so long that they’re considered the best of the best. So, we created some determining factors to help you choose the right product for your exterior painting job. Here are the things that you should consider when choosing the right paint:


The location between the stores can determine what product you will most likely buy. Buying paint at a store that is 20 miles away from you over a 5-mile paint store is not really a practical thing to do. But if you are hiring a painter, location is not an issue for they will buy or have the materials beforehand.


Availability of the paint of your choice is a major factor. Running out of paint and the supply can be your worst nightmare. This causes the delay of your project, waiting for the stocks to arrive at the store will only cost you more money on labor and wasted time. So choosing a paint that is always available to buy whenever and wherever you are is important.


It is also good to get to know the brand. Searching their website online for reviews or if you know someone who used the paint on their property, will help you get an idea if that is the product for your project by listening to their feedback.


Every project needs a budget. Knowing your budget and how the prices of the product fluctuate over time can help to decide what paint manufacturer you will go for, so buy the product that would meet your budget.


Every paint manufacturer has a different set of colors so choose the manufacturer who has a paint color you really like. Remember that all manufacturers can color match.


There is no such thing as “the perfect paint” that can withstand any type of wear and tear and extreme weather conditions for decades without decay, discoloration, and imperfections. Eventually, the surface would need to be repainted, choosing the exterior paint that lasts the longest possible is the best choice.


You can’t go wrong with one both SW and PPG, they are considered superior products for exterior and interior coatings. With both being well-known brands in the painting industry, things will eventually depend on a matter of personal preference. Use what you want the most as long as you are satisfied with what the paint product has to offer on your exterior and interior painting projects.

Every project is different and every property owner has their own preferences for exterior/interior paint products. After more than 20 years of service, GetPro Painting actually listens and pays close attention to what our clients would want their homes to look like and what products they prefer that we will use. You can call us today for a Free quotation on any of your exterior or interior painting projects at (734) 328-1774 or send us an email at to see more services that we can offer you.

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