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Residential Interior Painting

Proven & Highly Trusted Interior Painting Services Detroit & Southeast Michigan. Are you in need of a professional painting service that offers competitive pricing and timely project completion?

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Your Expert Guide for Interior Painting and Color Selection

Choosing the right paint products and color schemes made easy with the professionals at GetPro Painting

Are you looking for professional interior painting services but feeling overwhelmed with the various paint products and color options available in the market? Look no further than GetPro Painting! Our team takes the time to understand your needs and preferences to ensure we use the right paint products and color schemes that suit your vision and budget.

We work with top paint manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams and Pittsburgh Paints to ensure we provide you with the highest quality and most durable paint products available. Additionally, we utilize software that visualizes different color schemes to assist you in selecting the best color choice and provide samples on surfaces for further consideration.

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Working with our TEAM of professionals at GetPro Painting assures you that your project is going to be completed professionally, with competitive prices promptly. We offer FREE ESTIMATES for all larger projects and work on a time & material basis for interior & exterior painting.

Surface Preparation

The Foundation for Successful Interior Painting Projects

Prep work of the surface being painted is the foundation of a successful project. All interior painting projects start with thorough surface preparation (power washing, sanding, scraping, using the right primer, etc..) using the right caulking for the area being caulked and then topping the surface off with the right paint.

The paint is different for every interior painting project, as every project has a budget with the goal of aesthetics and preservation. This can be and will be achieved by clear communication of weighing the benefits of the different options and potential long-term savings by using higher grades of materials that in a lot of cases (and on particular surfaces) make a lot of sense.

GetPro Painting always has the client’s best interest at hand and welcomes consultations to do so for interior painting services in Livonia, MI. Call us now for a FREE ESTIMATE.