Common Questions About Interior Painting Projects

<p>The cost of interior painting will vary depending on several factors including the square footage, the number of coats, the conditions of the surfaces, how much the color is changing, the height of the walls, and the labor rate in the near sale.</p><p>To get accurate pricing for your unique pairing project, set up a free estimate appointment with your local independently owned and operated operates GetPro Painters franchised business.</p>

<p>Your local painting team will cover and protect the furniture and floors, but if there is a delicate piece of furniture or an heirloom that is tricky to move, please remove it before your pointing team arrives or make sure you notify the Job Site Supervisor before they begin the project.</p>

<p>Popular paint colors change every few years. Right now, gray, and shades of tan are all very popular color choices for interior walls.</p>

It depends on the scope of the damage, but in many cases, yes. Your local independently-owned and operated GetPro Painters franchise can patch damaged sections of drywall and minor repairs of cracks in walls and ceilings as they prep for your painting projects.