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2023 Color of the Year:Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore & PPG’s Top Picks


What is the color of the year 2023? In case you missed out on the latest trends of home decor & interior design, it’s time to catch up with the vibrant and inspiring choices made by some of the leading paint companies. Each year, these companies carefully select a color that embodies the spirit of the times. This choice reflects not only aesthetics but also the collective mood and aspirations of society. So, without further ado, let’s embark on a colorful journey through the 2023 hues. These range from Sherwin-Williams’ comforting “Redend Point SW 9081” to Benjamin Moore’s “Raspberry Blush.” and finally, PPG’s nature-inspired “Vining Ivy.” ” These colors aren’t just paint; they’re stories of empathy, new beginnings, and a deep connection with the world around us. Join us as we explore the colors that have left an indelible mark on the canvas of 2023.


Sherwin-Williams, the well-known paint company, has made its choice for the 2023 Color of the Year, and it’s “Redend Point SW 9081.” It’s a gentle shade of pink. This color is part of Sherwin-Williams’s 2023 Colormix Forecast. It’s not a bright or flashy pink; instead, it’s a warm and modern kind of pink that feels classy and romantic without being too bold. It’s like a soothing hug in the form of a color. 

Sue Wadden, the color marketing director at Sherwin-Williams, describes it as if beige had a hint of pink in its cheeks. Redend Point SW 9081 carries the essence of autumnal colors, but it’s a versatile shade and you can’t use it throughout the year. This subtle hue combines the lively spirit of pinks with the stability of earthy tones. The 2023 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year is a cozy and warm neutral. It suits both creative workspaces and comfortable reading corners. 

This warm color is a bold change from the cooler and darker shades of the previous years, like Evergreen Fog in 2022 and Urbane Bronze in 2021. Redend Point is a mix of gray, pink, and beige, described by Sherwin-Williams as a “nostalgic mid-tone.” According to Wadden, they’ve noticed that people have been exploring different variations of neutral colors lately. They’re embracing neutral versions of greens, browns, and blues—colors that make us feel connected to the earth. Redend Point, in their view, really shows how color can not only make us feel grounded but also comforted, reassured, and familiar. 

Sue Wadden explains, “Every February, we have a meeting where we figure out what will be the dominant color trends for the upcoming season. This year, we focused a lot on the idea of empathy and humanity during our meeting. We wanted the Color of the Year to reflect the idea of treating each other kindly.” 

In the world of color psychology, pink is often linked with feelings of love, tenderness, romance, and empathy. When used in design, it has been shown to have a soothing effect on people. Besides being nurturing, this soft blush-beige also connects to nature and wellness. You can see evidence of this in the color choices of many meditation, yoga, and mental health apps. 

According to Wadden, predicting color trends isn’t something that happens suddenly. She believes it might take some time for people to fully grasp the significance of this color and why it matters at this moment. However, she’s confident that we will keep seeing a growing acceptance of colors in various forms and styles as time goes on. 

Like with most important color choices, it’s a good idea to give Redend Point a trial run before making a final decision. Experiment with a paint sample or a peel-and-stick sample in your space before you start painting the whole area. Additionally, explore smaller ways to incorporate the color before fully embracing it. 

Whether you’re considering a hint of Redend Point for your snug reading nook, or you’re tempted to paint all three walls with it, 2023 Color of the Year offers a romantic touch. It’s sure to appeal to anyone’s taste. As for finding someone to enjoy it with—that’s a choice we’ll leave up to you.


Deciding on the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023, Andrea Magno, who leads the color team at the paint company, mentioned, “While we really like the calm, softer colors, we were excited to try something a bit more daring this time.” She added, “We’re enthusiastic about increasing the richness of color.”

Where did they land on the dial? The Color of the Year for 2023 from Benjamin Moore is Raspberry Blush. It’s a bold and warm color, described by Magno as “charismatic” and capable of awakening your senses. It reminds you of raspberries with hints of vibrant red and orange coral.

Raspberry Blush continues the trend set by recent colors in Benjamin Moore’s annual Color Trends palette. It follows in the footsteps of Rosy Peach from 2021 and Wildflower from 2022, which were both earthy and pinkish shades. Raspberry Blush takes these colors to a more vibrant and lively level, making a strong impression and having the kind of richness that deserves a closer look.

“I believe it has a ‘wow’ factor. We’ve gotten used to grays, blues, and neutrals,” says Magno. “But we kept returning to this color, discovering various things we really adore about it each time.”

Since it’s quite different from the soft and neutral colors of 2022, Magno acknowledges that Raspberry Blush might seem like a challenging color to use in your home. However, she also thinks it can boost your confidence in using colors if you’re open to trying them in various ways, whether it’s in a subtle or bold manner.


Introducing the PPG Paint 2023 Color of the Year, Vining Ivy! It’s a strong teal shade that sits between blue and green. It symbolizes the deepest waters and has a deep, soothing aqua tone. This versatile color suits both modern and traditional styles, blending them together as gracefully as it combines its two primary colors.

 Resilience was a common theme at this year’s Global Color Workshop. Over 30 stylists gathered to assess the color industry and select a palette that reflects today’s era, emphasizing connection and inspiration from nature. 

The motivation for selecting Vining Ivy came from the blend of connection, resilience, and nature’s inspiration. Vining Ivy is an incredibly adaptable color. You can consider it as a foundational shade that allows you to introduce outdoor vibes, all while establishing a remarkable backdrop of color. 

Give it a shot as your front door color, or make it the star in your relaxing master bathroom, creating that spa-like atmosphere. If you’re planning to use it in a guest bedroom, it can be a game-changer. Especially when paired with warm wooden elements and elegant metals like brass or silver. 

And don’t forget about the dining room – consider painting an accent wall with Vining Ivy. It’ll make your gorgeous, farmhouse-style table stand out in a big way! 

“Green has this soothing and contemporary vibe. It stands for wealth, vitality, and advancement, which makes it an ideal choice for today’s world. It’s being applied to a wider range of products than ever before,” says Vanessa Peterson, PPG’s leader in global color styling for Industrial Coatings. 

According to Vanessa and her team, our shared experiences during the pandemic are playing a role in the continued love for green. It’s because we all have a growing desire to connect with nature and the great outdoors, a trend known as biophilic design. 

When you compare it to PPG’s 2022 color, Olive Sprig, which was a muted, gentle green, Vining Ivy is richer and bolder. It falls somewhere between a deep forest green and a vibrant tropical teal. This means it’s a versatile and luxurious shade and you can not use it in a wide variety of products, from home decor and fashion to electronics & cars. 

“In the world of furniture, green can create a calming atmosphere in workplaces, making employees feel cared for,” Peterson explained. “In consumer electronics, green gives a sense of security and encourages people to interact with technology. As for kitchenware, Vining Ivy complements various food colors and pairs well with stainless steel. It adds a touch of luxury to kitchens.

PPG’s global color team curated 45 harmonious shades inspired by our love for simplicity, serene design, nature, and inner peace. The collection is divided into three distinct color themes: Serenity, Origin, and Duality. Serenity offers a soft mix of milky pastels, soothing watery shades, and cozy neutrals. It mirrors our longing for calmness and tranquility in a busy world, filling us with a sense of renewal and inner peace.

Origin draws inspiration from the wonders of nature, embracing its authentic beauty and sparking our curiosity. This palette features organic colors that connect us to the earth, celebrating our bond with it. Duality, on the other hand, thrives on contrasts, allowing self-expression through bold and vibrant colors, as well as clean pastels and powerful neutrals. It’s a versatile choice for both traditional and modern styles. 

Besides forecasting color trends, Vanessa Peterson and her color expert team collaborate with various manufacturing companies. They work across a wide range of industries. They help adapt colors to suit the particular needs of each product.


In conclusion, the color choices of 2023, from Sherwin-Williams’ soothing pink to Benjamin Moore’s vibrant red & orange coral and PPG’s versatile teal, have adorned our living spaces. They also mirrored the evolving sentiments of our times. These colors speak to our need for comfort, creativity, resilience, and a stronger connection to nature. Looking back at these hues, we’re reminded that color reflects our desires, aspirations, and shared experiences. Whether you’re painting your walls or choosing a shade for your next project, the 2023 colors of the year reveal the emotions that have colored our world.

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