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Do you need custom specialty paint coatings for a specific surface? GetPro Painting has more than 2 decades of experience in providing optimal mixtures for clients who have special needs with their painting project

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Who needs specialty coatings?

A specialty coating when broken down is just like other paint mixtures as well. The key difference is the adhesive products baked into the mixture which is tailor-made to suit the special needs of the client. Depending on the surface that needs to be painted, experienced Contractors like GetPro Painting go with a custom blend made for that specific job.

For example, if the surface is something that goes through major temperature changes like heating, a custom formula of specialty coating is made with additives designed to increase the overall heat resistance of the coating. The same thing is true for extreme cold surfaces too.

What is the right type of specialty coating for me?

This is a tricky question due to the sheer millions of paint mixture combinations out there. It highly depends on the specific conditions so you really need an experienced pro to determine the correct mixture for you – taking into account all variables such as, temperature, texture, environmental exposure, and many more. New formulas are always being developed to adapt to new surface types or any challenges that might occur along the way.

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The two most common substances used in specialty coatings are epoxy and urethane. In simple terms, these two are like hybrids or a mixture of glue and paint. The exact measurements or ratio of each substance plays a huge part as well.

Nowadays, some manufacturers started to develop mixtures containing fungicides to stop mold from growing. Ceramic or other similar powders are added into coatings meant to resist heat. Regardless of what your current painting project is, enlisting the help of GetPro Painting to examine and present you with the best options is the safest route to take.

What specialty coating procedure should I do?

Aside from the custom mixture, different application methods come into play as well when applying the coat. Refer to the image below for some of the most common methods used by contractors. If you’re unsure about which method should you implement, it’s better to ask GetPro Painting for a professional advice and we also offer FREE ESTIMATES so you can be rest assured that all aspects of your painting project is taken into consideration.

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Who needs specialty coatings?

The most common customers include companies into industrial buildings. To maximize safety and efficiency, big companies stick to a tailored blend of coating developed only for them so as to protect their facilities and their expensive equipment. Specialty coatings are commonly used for safety signs too because they don’t wear out easily despite being subjected to harsh environments. So, do you need specialty coatings for yourself? Call us now at (734)822-9595 or send us an email at info@getproco.com for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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