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A Guide to 2024’s Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams’ 2024 Color of the Year “Upward SW 6239”

Several well-known paint companies have already shared the colors they think will be popular for the insides of buildings in the next year. But one of the colors people have been looking forward to the most has just been revealed: Sherwin-Williams picked a happy and bright blue called Upward SW 6239 as its top color for 2024.

The color Sherwin-Williams chose as its color of the year is just one of the many lighter shades that have been revealed recently. Sherwin-Williams believes that this trend of lighter colors will become popular in the upcoming years. According to Sue Wadden, who is the director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, “We knew that lighter shades would be important in 2024 and 2025, and we wanted to predict the shift from natural, earthy colors to lighter tones. A light blue like Upward SW 6239 perfectly tells that story.”

Lighter and more vibrant paint colors are predicted to become more popular as coastal-inspired interior design styles make a comeback. According to Wadden, “We’ve noticed a change in people’s preferences from warm neutral colors to whites, and Upward SW 6239 combined with any white paint perfectly captures this coastal trend. Additionally, we’ve observed a shift from the popularity of green colors in the first half of this decade to the rise of blue shades in the second half, and we wanted a color that reflects this transition.”

This paint color, found in Sherwin-Williams’ anthology collection, comes with a variety of shades that go well together. While white is an obvious match, homeowners can enhance the coastal feel by combining Upward SW 6239 with a deep navy or a gentle pastel green. According to Wadden, “This color also complements warm brown accents and wooden furniture in the home.”

Even though this paint color naturally fits well with coastal design styles, it can be easily integrated into your home, regardless of your personal style. Wadden explains, “Upward SW 6239 is versatile and can work wonderfully with antiques, modern furniture, transitional pieces, and even boho interiors.”

If you’re seeking practical uses for Upward SW 6239, the options are incredibly diverse. According to Wadden, “One application I particularly adore is using it for a bathroom vanity alongside white marble or on kitchen cabinets. I also believe it would be an excellent selection for tranquil spaces where you seek serenity, such as a bedroom or even a nursery.”

PPG’s 2024 Color of the Year “Limitless”

In the past few years, we’ve experienced a lot of changes in our lives, and now we really want our daily lives to feel cozy and peaceful. This goes for our personal spaces, too, like our homes, cars, and other places.

PPG and its paint brands, like Glidden, have chosen Limitless, a new and cozy color, as their Color of the Year for 2024. Limitless is a honey beige shade that’s far from being a typical yellow. It can work well as both a main color and a neutral, making it versatile for various uses. PPG will incorporate Limitless into all its product lines.

Consider Limitless as a refreshing and revitalizing version of a neutral,” declared Ashley McCollum, PPG’s global color expert, when introducing the Color of the Year.

“Limitless can serve as the dominant color in your main room or bring a lively contrast to warm or cool shades. You can also use Limitless on your front doors and even for the entire exterior and trim to boost your home’s curb appeal and experience that feeling when your house truly stands out on your street.”

According to Kat DiBenedetto, a global color expert at PPG, Limitless is an ideal choice to reflect our world’s transition toward endless opportunities. She also noted that the overarching theme for 2024 is all about consumers pursuing their happiness without reservation.

“Limitless is a wonderfully cozy and versatile neutral, offering an invigorating twist that’s open to creative uses, whether it’s for inside or outside spaces or even for eye-catching details like ceilings and cabinets,” explained DiBenedetto. “It’s a warm and fresh color with enough strength to grace your walls as a primary shade or as an accent. Limitless is also a great choice for commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, and the hospitality industry, and it works beautifully outdoors. You’ll spot it everywhere, from pillows and blankets to transportation and aerospace interiors.”

“Having natural light is crucial,” DiBenedetto emphasized. “Limitless is akin to a burst of sunshine, drawing its inspiration from natural light. We are shifting away from grays and embracing warmer hues – we’ve observed that gentle, soothing, warm tones are on the rise.”

McCollum noted that over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a trend toward darker color tones due to cultural changes. However, this year marks a departure from that trend, as we’re observing a shift towards lighter shades. In terms of exterior aesthetics, it doesn’t make a bold or attention-grabbing statement; instead, it offers an alternative to the vibrant neutrals commonly seen on numerous houses. Warm neutrals are becoming a lasting choice, supplanting cool tones like gray, for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in 2024 and beyond.”

DiBenedetto noticed that the PPG color team doesn’t only work on home paints but also on coatings for cars, airplanes, and various other areas. After talking about the trends they’ve noticed, they all agreed that “Limitless” was the clear and unanimous choice.

PPG has 35 color stylists worldwide, spread across our eight major business areas,” DiBenedetto explained. “Our colors don’t just end up on our home walls; they’re present in our cars, household appliances, automotive and aerospace interiors, consumer electronics, and many other places. We apply color to a wider variety of surfaces than any other company globally. We play a role in shaping trends as much as we’re influenced by them, whether it’s in the fashion industry or by societal shifts. It’s fascinating to see how when we gather with our teams from around the world, we often share similar creative ideas.”

Homeowners and designers aiming to save both money and time can find great value by opting for Limitless in any Glidden brand product. 

Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year “Cracked Pepper”

When we think of neutral colors in home decor, black might not be the first choice for many, but Behr Paint is here to challenge that notion. Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year, Cracked Pepper, is a versatile hue they describe as a “gentle black.” Its adaptability has convinced us that it will add a dash of excitement to interior design in 2024.

This color is a member of Behr’s designer collection palette, carefully chosen to empower homeowners to welcome darker shades into their living spaces. Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr Paint, explains, “The current moment is all about positivity, awakening the senses, and enhancing your emotional experience—and a room featuring a gentle black color fulfills these aspirations.”

This shade presents a dramatic departure from the brand’s 2023 Color of the Year, Blank Canvas. While the neutral, off-white hue offered homeowners a blank slate that was effortlessly customizable, Cracked Pepper maintains that versatility but adds a more daring and edgy aura.

Although the two colors weren’t originally intended to harmonize, they naturally complement each other beautifully. Woelfel remarks, “Last year, we introduced a light color, and now we’ve balanced it with a dark color this year.” She points out that the dark hue can easily be matched with the light neutral colors that homeowners already have in their homes, including Blank Canvas.

In addition to light neutral colors like white and cream, Cracked Pepper also goes well with various other colors and styles. It matches nicely with soft, muted pastels, shiny metallic touches, deep and natural earthy tones, as well as vibrant patterns and textures. You can use it effectively in many places, both inside and outside your home. Whether you’re thinking of making a statement wall, covering a whole room, or applying it to your roof and shutters, Cracked Pepper is a versatile shade that will quickly bring a sense of depth and fascination to your living areas.

This rich and versatile color goes beyond specific design styles, working well with modern, classic, casual, retro, and many others. It also blends seamlessly with different colors, finishes, patterns, and textures. Whether you’re using it in homes or hospitality settings, or anywhere else, Cracked Pepper adds a sense of assurance and style to any wall, trim, surface, or object it adorns.

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