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Why should you get Polished Concrete Services?

It’s actually a very popular choice to commercial spaces already but it’s now being utilized on residential houses more and more. Compared to other floorings, polished concrete is considered very cheap in comparison. Aside from the shiny good looks of the floor, you also get the added benefit of enhanced durability. If installed properly by professionals like GetPro Painting Contractors, maintenance will never be a headache for the years to come.

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Warehouses in particular always stick with polished concrete floorings because heavy equipment with tires won’t leave so much as a scratch on the surface – that’s how strong it is. The shine doesn’t fade away easily too so the entire facility looks squeaky clean for decades.

Polished concrete is usually allergen free as well so if you’re looking for a non-toxic flooring system with no chemical substances to worry about, it’s really the best choice out there.

How does it improve safety?

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Despite its shiny and slick appearance, polished concrete actually has the exact same level of friction or surface grip compared to unpolished ones. If you look under a microscope, you’ll see that untreated concrete is very porous so it easily absorbs liquid substances like dirty leftover oils. You know what oil does to the surface right? It won’t matter if you have the best Nike or Adidas footwear, you’ll slip all the way. Polished concrete eliminates this because it undergoes a meticulous grinding process that reduces the concrete pores making it difficult for liquid substances to stay on the surface.

If you’re not into shiny finishes, you can opt for a matte look as well so make sure you work with capable contractors likeGetPro Paintingto get the best results. If you plan to use polished concrete on an area that is sensitive to glare, you should go with the matte finish so you don’t risk blinding light shooting right across your line of sight when driving. You won’t believe just how reflective to light untreated concrete can be and they are real threats that can cause accidents.

Is Polished Concrete hard to maintain?

Contrary to what many people think, it’s way easier to maintain polished concrete compared to other floorings. Since the surface has already been grinded down to the pore level and has a sealing effect against contaminants like oil, just sweeping off the dust and mopping is about as hard as it gets. On the other hand, untreated concrete is a nightmare to maintain especially if you have to do some sort of waxing or stripping to preserve the surface. The smooth finish of the polished concrete also means dirt and other debris won’t have anything to hold onto so it’s very easy to wipe them off or just sweep them straight into the dustbin – good luck doing that on rough untreated concrete.

What are the design options to choose from?

Over the years, professional contractors steadily improved their techniques to produce a variety of design options based on the client’s request. Originally, the final look heavily depended on the AGGREGATE EXPOSURE which is essentially the amount of surface grinded off to expose the aggregates like pebbles or sand mixed in with the concrete mixture. The deeper you go, the more aggregates will be shown.

Credits to https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5a4eaa86a9db09b11eafb434/1625958507038-5DM5NSJB1N8FL01UHT69/concrete+stain+color+chart2.jpg?format=1000w
Credits to https://aicoat.com/polished-concrete-the-complete-guide

In conjunction to the level of aggregate finish that you opt for, dyes can be added on the final layer to provide a certain level of color. Here’s some samples of how it would look like.


Credits to https://www.geminifloors.com/wp-content/uploads/polished-concrete-aggregate-grades.jpg


400 Grit - Matte Finish

This matte finish will absorb light and improve the natural tone of the concrete.

800 Grit - Low Sheen

Similar to the matte finish with an added shine providing minimal light reflection for a sleek, clean look.

1500 Grit - High Sheen

Increased light reflectivity allows color to reflect off of surrounding objects, for that polished appearanced.

3000 Grit - High Gloss

This high gloss finish will reflect the lighting and objects surrounding the floor in the facility.

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