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Paint color, types, and installation are very important depending on the surface type so make sure to enlist professional services to avoid any do-overs

Why Should You Paint Your House?

The simplest answer is to make it look good. Paints can breathe a new life to an old home especially if it’s done by professional painting company Livonia MI. In addition to the beauty aspect of things, painting your house provides it with a coat of protection against natural elements. For example, wood is a great siding material for your home but when exposed to rain for extended periods of time, it will rot away. This can be solved easily by painting over the surface which gives it a sealed protection against the elements and makes it last longer.

What Type Of Paint Should You Use?

If you think color is the only thing you need to worry about, think again my friend. There are several paint types out there which are intended to be used only on the specific surface material such as wood, metal, fiber cements, or even glass. Using the wrong paint type on a material that doesn’t adhere to it will just give you a free ride to the train of regret when it starts to peel right off the surface wasting your money and efforts along with it.

Rather than bombarding you with useless details, all you need to know is that there are three most commonly used by bestpainting company Livonia MI. These are the primers, oil or solvent based paints, and the water based ones.

  • Primers – paints are essentially just pigment resins while primers are just resins. Their one and only purpose is to create a sealed surface and lock away the porous areas so you can have a stable base layer for that shiny coat of paint you wanted. There are several primers out in the market and each of them adhere to a specific type of surface material so don’t just go and buy a primer for wood if you’re gonna use it on concrete or metal.
  • Oil / Solvent Based Paints – as the name suggests, these are paint mixtures based from oil. In general, they are more durable and can retain their color for a longer period compared to water based paints but they also take longer to dry and the smell is enough to make you high so make sure to use a mask. The most popular oil based paint is called ENAMEL which had its name derived because of its overall durability. Nowadays, enamel has a variety of finishes which include semi-gloss and glossy which make them ideal if you’re shooting for that style. The most common disadvantage of oil based enamel paints is that they tend to lose their color over time and just turn pale if subjected to harsh weather.
  • Water Based Paints – with water as their base, these types of paints have come a long way over the years. The most popular water based paints are the acrylic and latex – confusing, right? Latex paint is actually water based and it doesn’t even contain latex to begin with. Acrylic paints, on the other hand, typically gets mistaken as a mixture of oil and water based paint which brought upon the term “Acrylic Enamel” but in reality, they are still just water based paints with the addition of other substances enhancing its durability close to the level of oil based enamels. As it is based on water, they tend to dry faster but lose out in terms of color vibrancy. Unless it’s a special mix, water based paints are thinner and have a matte finish to them.

What Type Of Paint Should You Use?

With the major manufacturers indicating if the paint can is intended for interior or exterior painting, it’s easy to differentiate between the two. The general rule of thumb is that oil based paints are used for painting the outside of your home as they offer a more durable protection with a shiny or semi-gloss finish while not having to deal with the smell indoors.

For interior painting, it would be distracting if you have a shiny paint which reflects light all over the place so it’s more common to use matte water based paints here. This is also safer because the paint dries quicker and there is no strong chemical smell to deal with when using oil based paints.

What Type Of Paint Should You Use?

This is a no brainer, you can pretty much get every color under the rainbow right now so go ahead and choose any color combination that you want. Enlisting the help of interior designers can be very helpful but if you already have a particular design in mind then that’s all good as well. Just make sure to contact proven and trustworthy professionals to the job for you like the contractors at GetPro Painting.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with how many choices you have so here’s some samples to start with:

If you have a favorite color in mind like red, orange, yellow, green, or blue, here’s some of the shades and hues that you can choose from:





What Type Of Paint Should You Use?

Unopened cans of paint can last decades if it’s sealed properly but when it’s already painted on a surface, you have a good 2 to 15 years before it loses its shine and you’d have to put another coat. Bear in mind that this can be significantly shortened if the paint wasn’t done properly or if you used the wrong type of paint on the surface material. Impurities in the paint and improper priming of the surface will also start weak points of chipping and peeling off so be very wary of those because once it starts, it never ends.

To give you a rough idea of the typical lifespan of paints, see table below:

What Type Of Paint Should You Use?

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