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As time goes on, garage floors are subject to wear and tear. Whether from the elements, vehicles, heavy machinery, or even human activity, leaving a trail of cracks and stains all around. But you can revitalize your garage floor or any other concrete floor, for that matter. Revitalize your home, commercial, or industrial garage with our garage floor coating technology!

Options range from vibrant paint to durable epoxy to our polyurea coating system. It may be challenging to choose the correct coating, especially when it comes to industrial and commercial painting. But we believe that beauty and practicality shouldn’t ever get sacrificed. Our garage epoxy floor coating services handle everything from professional concrete cleaning and floor coating to corrosion protection.

Having several years of expertise, we have built a strong track record for excellence, always putting safety first. We provide a range of residential, industrial, and commercial services, such as:

  • Polishing Concrete
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • and much more

Our clients value our state-of-the-art technology because it provides strength, style, safety, and support for safeguarding your floor!

There is No Wrong Way to Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

You may coat concrete in three ways: paint, epoxy, and stains. There is also a new age alternative that we offer.
Stain Coating: A stain coating is a non-protective covering that contains dye or pigment and is used to provide color to a surface. Since it just gives your substrate a cosmetic finish, it serves primarily as a visually appealing product. Therefore, seldom suggested for garage floor coatings.

Concrete:Concrete paint, on the other hand, is the lowest grade treatment meant to safeguard your substrate.

Epoxy: An epoxy treatment provides the highest performing coating that is also visually beautiful. The best treatment for a garage epoxy floor coating system.

Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Use a garage epoxy coating to lessen the damage that moisture causes to the floor. For garages and extra levels, epoxy floor coating differs significantly from traditional floor paint. It is a resin coating consisting of hardeners and polymer resins similar to glue.

The resin and hardener composites react chemically together and bond with the floor if correctly blended. The chemical bond produces a material that resembles plastic. This coating is long-lasting and damage-resistant. Some consumers who attempt the DIY method get mediocre results, while others get decent ones. That is why it is best to choose the experts.

Contact us or schedule your estimate if you consider hiring garage epoxy coating services for your garage flooring.
We advise using epoxy instead ofconcrete paintwhen applying it to a garage floor. The design of an epoxy coating system functions at a significantly higher level.

Which Coating Is Superior To Epoxy?

If you compare it with epoxy, polyurea is four times more durable, chemically resistant, and UV stable. It works better to protect your floor from stains, damage, chemicals, and wear. It works well with garage floors and outdoor areas.

A garage floor coating for your home or business that is superior to epoxy is a polyurea floor coating. It resembles epoxy but enhances the value of your garage and house in many ways.

Damage Prevention

GetPro Painting Polyurea flooring is strong enough to take the weight and pressure of your car without breaking, yet unlike an epoxy coating won’t fracture, split, or peel away.

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Grippy Surface

When wet, many floor coatings can become dangerously slick. A polyurea floor, conversely, has a sturdy grip required to keep your family, workers, or customers safe.

Easily Maintained

Garage floors get frequently stained with brake fluid, dirt, and other substances. Only mild soap and water are required to restore the appearance of polyurea flooring.

Aesthetically Appealing

Polyurea floor coatings are available in many colors and stylish vinyl flake mixes. Your garage’s flooring will make the neighbors green with envy!

The Golden Six-Step Method For Quality Service


If you want quality adhesion, you must profile, repair, and vacuum the concrete surface.


We repair any fractures or cracks and maintain the levels of thickness in the concrete flooring. We use only 100% natural solids.

Solid Coating

We use a pure coating that is self-priming.

Generous Flaking

A substantial amount of hand-broadcast polymer flakes gives the floor a uniform-colored texture.


We level the floor and scrape away all extra flakes to make it ready for a final coating.


With that said, we add a UV stable top coating. Within 6 to 8 hours, your new floor is ready for mild foot activity.

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