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Epoxy coating for floorings can bring out the hidden beauty of a simple surface material and turn it into a work of art, while providing strength and protection that preserves it's looks for the years to come

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What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

In layman’s term, it’s the process of putting a layer or coat of epoxy onto the floor. The mixture commonly involves a polyamine hardener and the epoxy resin itself. Rather than applying just 1 coat on the floor, professionals do it in multiple coats to ensure every layer dries properly and strengthens out before putting in another coat.

The great thing about using epoxy on floorings is that it provides a layer of protection against stains, abrasion, and adds overall durability. By nature, epoxy is waterproof which means any types of mold cannot grow on the surface.

What are the PROs and CONs of using or not using professional services for epoxy floor installation?


● Visual Appearance – coating your floor in epoxy gives it a shiny or glossy finish which is very clean and pretty to look at. Since it starts as a liquid, the surface evens out while drying so they tend to be very easy to clean as there are no nooks or crease to trap dirt

● Durable – the chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener creates a strong surface so high traffic spaces or floors that are always under heavy pressure is strengthened too

● Cost Effective – Epoxy floors are cheaper than other materials. Add to that its visual beauty and overall strength, it’s a win-win material

● Odor – since the hardener and epoxy resin are both chemical substances, it gives out a very strong smell which can be bad for health reasons if not handled properly during installation

● Moisture – if not installed properly, moisture can be trapped inside the resin and cause an air bubble which is a hollow area so it becomes a point of weakness and an eye sore too

● Sensitivity – this applies to the installation period. If not done correctly and its installed on a wet weather, multiple areas of of moisture can be trapped in between layers so make sure you enlist professionals

What are the epoxy designs to choose from?

Different manufacturers have really stepped up their game when it comes to offering different designs, blends, or colors for their epoxy. Here’s some of the color options you can choose from. Some of the colors may or may not be available depending on the area where you live in but you can always depend on GetPro Painting to ensure you get the color and design you as we have partnered up with a lot of manufacturers all over the entire US.


After choosing a color, you can opt to go with different chip blends too. Chips are literally mixed in with the coat to create a very abstract design that becomes unique with your floor. Take a look at the samples below for reference purposes:


There’s another design that’s very popular nowadays too. It’s referred to as Quartz Epoxy Flooring. To achieve this look, dry sand is used as another layer then a tinted top coat is installed on top giving its unique look. Here’s a sample of the design available:


New Moon

How to Install Epoxy Floor Coating?

The process of coating is a huge deal when it comes to the application process for epoxy floor coatings. As we said, the epoxy is put in layers to ensure each one dries properly before the next coat is applied or else the surface might harden but the middle areas are still wet which can deform the entire area if weight is applied on it.

To start things off, the concrete floor needs to be in good condition. Keep in mind that the looks of the surface will be preserved as is so make it a point to grind away any imperfections of the floor before proceeding. Sweep off dust and other debris as well. Professionals like GetPro Painting go the extra mile with additional steps like shot blasting or scarifying.

Next is priming – during this step make sure the primer really seeps into the floor and the entire surface is covered properly without any dead spaces. Hollow spaces will become a nightmare if the installation is not done by professionals. You wouldn’t want an empty air pocket beneath the floor supporting your entire weight, right? It doesn’t end there as well, after priming the floor must be lightly grinded, sanded down, then re-layered all over again until the surface is sealed properly.

After priming, epoxy coating is now applied. The resin is mixed with hardener products making sure that the proper ratio of the specific chemicals used is followed down to the exact measurements. Another visual inspection is typically done to make sure everything is cleared before actually pouring the epoxy coat. The temperature is critical to the drying process so make sure not to mess up the temps during this period. Lastly, additional layers can be installed once the previous one has dried and cured properly.

For Quartz epoxy flooring, additional steps are done along the way. After the primer and base coat is installed, dry sand is fully broadcasted over the area to provide the quartz effect which is a unique design that can only be achieved with this process. Tinted top coat is then installed to provide a different shade then the final layers of epoxy coating are installed.

Now then, have you decided the epoxy floor design to go with?

There’s no question about the looks and durability of this product. The main thing to consider though is the installation. Regardless of how beautiful the raw materials are if the installer doesn’t know how to handle it properly, you might not get the results you’re shooting for. With that said, try us out at GetPro Painting so you can have the peace of mind when it comes to proper installation. We have decades of experience in the industry so we might just be the best choice for you – so, what are you waiting for? Call us not at (734) 822-9595 or email us at [email protected]

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