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Commercial Polished Concrete Contractors

The design options for commercial polished concrete are exponential. You can add stenciled graphics or decorative engraving to the surface, and they can be stained in a variety of colors using a variety of application techniques.

Our Commercial Polished Concrete Services

For years, we have polished concrete floors in commercial and industrial settings. Our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists with years of industry experience. We specialize in professional polishing machines that can progressively grind down your floors to the perfect levels of shine and smoothness. We cater to your maintenance and aesthetic requirements. We can createpolished concretefloors with a low gloss or reflective mirror-like finish, whichever you fancy.

A multiple-step grinding andbasement polishing proceduregets used to install commercial polished concrete flooring.

We use industrial machinery to grind the concrete substrate before infusing hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish, and seal the floor. They don’t need to be waxed or stripped to keep their sheen. The gloss can get restored with just a few damps mop strokes.

Are Commercial Polished Concrete Floors Currently Being Installed?

You can find these concrete floors almost anywhere you look and beyond. As you go about your daily activities, start noticing the commercial establishments with their polished concrete floors across many locations.

Polished commercial concrete has uses in modern commercial construction projects for many commercial sites, including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, big-box stores, specialty stores, depots, airports, churches, and auditoriums. Because polished concrete floors have advantages for builders and property owners, it’s becoming more common in residential areas like homes and condominiums.

Benefits of Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

Using polished concrete in commercial construction projects has many advantages. Here are some more specific reasons why commercial concrete can make excellent flooring:

Universal appeal

It’s perfect in any space, whether commercial or residential. The look improves, and your floors will look simple, tidy, and contemporary with polished concrete.


Polished concrete floors have a bright, glossy appearance if you’ve paid attention to how they look. The shiny surface reflects light, invariably illuminating the area and reducing the need for additional electric lighting. It also looks classy and well maintained.


Commercial concrete that has been polished and polished to a shine is enduring. It is resistant to even the harshest conditions, such as daily use by forklifts and other large machinery, without losing its luster.


Being able to keep its stunning shine for many years is one of polished concrete’s most intriguing qualities. Commercial polished concrete floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and rough environments without losing their stunning appearance. Furthermore, they don’t require waxing or other treatments either. Thus, polished concrete is perfect for commercial and office buildings and industrial sites with high traffic.


There are many different ways to personalize polished commercial concrete. Color can be added to concrete by installers using pigments and dyes. Another option is to make the concrete resemble a sophisticated floor. Numerous options can satisfy different tastes.

Low Maintenance

A well-engineered polished concrete floor is accomplished for life after the installation gets over. There is no requirement to frequently apply waxes, sealants, or other treatments to maintain the shine. You only need to sweep and clean the floor.


Business owners who invest in polished concrete floors can save on long-term maintenance costs because they don’t entail the upkeep expenditures of other flooring types, such as vinyl and wood.

Eco-friendly Alternative

Many of the flooring materials in existing homes like wood, tile, or carpet provide a furnished cover over a concrete subfloor. And by adding a protective coating, this subfloor can get used in making a polished concrete floor. Instead of producing and installing new concrete, this makes it possible to use existing concrete floors in remodeling projects in a convenient and eco-friendly friendly way.

Resists Slippage

Although polished concrete appears shiny, it isn’t slippery when dry. It can function to prevent slipping as effectively as polished marble or granite when treated with a slick coating.

Select the Best Commercial Concrete Professionals to Install Polished Concrete Floors

If you want the floor to look, feel, and have the durability of fine, polished concrete, you require a skilled team of concrete professionals.

Our company has the top experts in the field on the team.GetPro Paintinghas the experience of helping many companies install stunning, high-performance commercial polished concrete floors that will benefit commercial properties for many years. Taking all of this into account, we provide a range of other concrete options, such as driveways, pathways, and more, for both business and residential sites.

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