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Professional Exterior Painting is both the 1st layer of defense against the elements and also the beauty of your home so it goes without saying that having it taken care of by GetPro Painting with 3 decades of experience under its belt is the way to go

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Unlike interior painting, outside paint needs to be tough in order to withstand harsh weather elements, temperature changes, moisture, and even pests or rodents. In order to do all that, you need to use a paint mixture with the proper resin that can resist chipping, peeling, and color fading when exposed under extreme sunlight for a long period of time.

Exterior paints are generally oil based which also means it’s trickier to achieve a clean and smooth finish without the proper knowledge and experience garnered throughout the years. To save you the trouble of committing any mistakes by DIY, we encourage you to enlist the professional services of GetPro Painting as we ensure top quality work at very competitive prices.

Get started now by clicking here to visit our “Paint Page” where you can choose the specific color that you want. If you already have a color in mind, get in touch with us to get a rough idea on how much paint is actually needed for the job or just call us at (734) 822-9595 for a site inspection and FREE ESTIMATE:

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Prep work of the surface being painted is the foundation of a successful project. All painting projects start out with the through surface preparation (power washing, sanding, scraping, using the right primer, etc..) using the right caulking for the area being caulked and then topping the surface off with the right paint. 

The paint is different for every project, as every project has a budget with a goal of aesthetic and preservation. This can be and will be achieved by clear communication of weighing the benefits of the different options and potential long-term savings by using higher grades of materials that in a lot of cases (and on particular surfaces) make a lot of sense.

GetPro Painting always has the clients best interest at hand and welcomes consultations to do so. Call us now at (734) 822-9595 or send us an email at info@getpropainting.com for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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GetPro Painting is your trusted & reliable service provider for any painting projects epoxy floor coatings – big or small, we do it all. Priding ourselves on providing all projects and clients with a respectful approach of using our experience and professional knowledge on each project from the estimate to the completion, success is always achieved.

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